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Oil based paint damage repair


paint damageAfter vandals had attacked a private residential property by hurling a paint bomb at the frontage, there was extensive heavy staining to the brickwork and render as well as across the canopy over the front door. As part of its national service agreement with Plastic Surgeon, one of the UK’s insurance giants called on the repair specialist to put right the damage.


The vandals had used a considerable quantity of an oil based paint which had splattered across a wide area, soaking into the masonry and render: requiring the use of both chemical solvents and physical abrasion to try and remove the stains. Inevitably this led to some physical damage to individual bricks which required remedial work while substantial areas of the upper and lower front elevation needed to be colour matched.


Two of Plastic Surgeon’s experienced Finishers from the Northern Region were booked to attend the property to carry out the cleaning and reinstatement work. Using step-ladders for access the Finishers began by removing the heaviest paint residue using scrapers and wire brushes before applying successive coats of an industrial paint stripper.

Despite some of the paint peeling off the render it still left a discoloured surface and it was decided to coat the entire area with Plastic Surgeon’s Screedcoat product which is used for a variety of masonry repair tasks.

Following the repair of minor scratches and holes with the two-pack filler which forms part of the Finishers’ van stock, the Screedcoat in yellow was lightened slightly using SC1 white to attain an exact colour match. This was applied by brush and roller to achieve an even finish.

Those bricks which remained discoloured were treated with the company’s brick-tinting system, while the appearance of the canopy was successfully restored using Plastic Surgeon’s specialist solvents and cleaning agents. Finally, paint which had also splashed onto the windows was also successfully removed.


  • Aviva has to deal with thousands of calls from householders whose homes have suffered both accidental and deliberate damage, with paint spillages and graffiti vandalism being common problems.  Plastic Surgeon offers a speedy, single supplier solution to such incidents; saving time and money compared to tasking general builders and then decorators to deal with the same challenge.
  • The paint was all removed and the multiple substrates restored to their original appearance within the time frame agreed for the job, with the minimum of materials being consumed.

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