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Old glazed brick repair and restoration for Tesco

Specialist in industrial, retail and commercial building, JP Construction Group, has been involved with the renovation of a Victorian property that is to house a new Tesco Express in Norwich. The building features 150 year old glazed bricks, similar to those utilised on the London Underground.

Plastic Surgeon was called upon to find a solution to improving the worn appearance of the bricks. The Finisher demonstrated two possible brick repair solutions to representatives of JP Group and Tesco’s own property department. It was decided Plastic Surgeon’s Screed Coat system offered the most suitable and economic option.

Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers spent three days carrying out careful repairs to the brickwork and generally preparing the elevations for application of the Screed Coat. Plastic Surgeon’s three-part fillers were used to build up the profile where they had been holed or suffered damage and this was then sanded back to achieve a regular surface. One beneficial effect of the cleaning had been to etch the glazed finish of the bricks, meaning no bonding treatment was required prior to applying the Screed Coat.

While the roller applied Screed Coat can be colour matched to any masonry, or have a fine grit finish applied to it while wet, in this case the product was specified in white and used to make the sills and other features blend in.

The outcome is visually stunning, with the bricks matching exactly in tone, colour and texture to the masonry ledges, as well as the reveals and detailing around the windows; a result that has satisfied the local planners as well as the client.

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