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Split GRP bath repair


An insurance company which has a national agreement with Plastic Surgeon called in the specialist to deal with a GRP bath which had suffered serious damage after the homeowner had slipped and the impact of their knee had split the moulding.


Not only had the impact caused a jagged split in the acrylic coating, the tear reached through the glass reinforced structure, and was located part way up one corner of the bath, meaning the area of the repair curved away both vertically and horizontally.


Plastic Surgeon’s national call centre dispatched an experienced Finisher from its North East regional team to the house in Sheffield, within the time window agreed with the insurer, and assessed that the bath was indeed repairable.

Having squeezed in quantities of Cold Weld Gel from inside the bath to help stabilize the crack, he then removed the bath panel and applied a full tin of carbon fibre filler in thin layers to the underside. As this hardened the Finisher spread two more thin layers of carbon fibre filler to level the repair area, then began reforming the internal profile with multiple layers of Ultra-Premium filler; using different width plastic and metal spreaders and a hot air gun to cure the material. The new surface was smoothed using a small powered sander and then manually, with successively finer grades of wet and dry abrasives.

The Finisher then mixed System 20 gloss white with tiny amounts of red and black to achieve a matching colour and applied four to five layers using the SRI spray gun; drying each coat with the heat gun. The area was then rubbed down once more with very fine abrasive and prepped again before the final two coats of paint were applied.


  • The policy holder was delighted at the success of the repair, which took just under five hours.
  • The policy holder was saved from the major disruption that a replacement bath would have caused, requiring multiple trades to be involved, including a tiler and the need for redecoration.
  • The insurance company was saved the considerable expense of paying for a new bath to be installed.
  •   Once again using Plastic Surgeon’s unique nationwide service has proved to be the economic and sustainable option.

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