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Hotel damage repair gallery

Hotels throughout the UK use our damage repair service to save time, hassle and money.

When public areas or fixtures and fittings in hotel rooms get damaged, you need them back in service as quickly as possible. Our specialist repairs eliminate delays, as repairs are carried out in-situ, saving you the expense, time and hassle of fitting replacements.

Most of our hotel damage repairs take no more than a couple of hours, meaning the work can be completed without taking a guest room out of commission for one or more nights.

A very cost-effective way to use our service is to hire one of our Finishers for a day or more, to carry out multiple repairs around the hotel.

  • Damaged tiles
  • Damaged tiles repaired
  • Stained marble damage
  • Stained marble repair
  • Damaged wooden pillar
  • Wooden pillar repair
  • Chipped marble damage
  • Chipped marble repair
  • Scratched door
  • Scratched door repair
  • Chipped metal radiator
  • Chipped metal radiator repair
  • Cracked wall tiles
  • Cracked wall tile repair
  • Damaged stone hotel entrance
  • Repaired stone hotel entrance
  • Damaged metal sign
  • Metal sign repair
  • Damaged pillar
  • Pillar repair
  • Cracked ceramic sink
  • Cracked ceramic sink repair
  • Damaged vanity unit
  • Vanity unit repair
  • Damaged bath
  • Bath repair

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Our services are used by a diverse range of organisations throughout the UK, who all recognise the cost and time saving benefits of repairing over replacing.

Your Home

We repair everything from scratched shower trays and chipped worktops to damaged sinks and baths. Read FAQs and use our ‘Interactive Repair Map’.