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New Diamond Glass Polishing System

As the UK’s only national specialist, we have long offered a glass polishing service, but technology moves on. So our R&D team has developed a new Diamond Glass Polisher System, which does away with the old methodology of wet, messy, slow and relatively localized repair work.  It also bypasses the risk of dishing the surface that the more limited area attention could cause – the feathering out from the scratch by the polishing machine can, if not done very carefully, cause visual distortion when looking through the repaired glass.

Our innovative new method of polishing is a dry system that causes less friction and therefore less heat: thus no distortion and minimal chance of breakage.  The larger 5” diamond pads mean we can now erase multiple scratches in one area far more quickly than the old system would allow us to do – making it very cost-effective.  Plus, it’s quieter and creates a minimal amount of dust or disruption.

With our new Diamond Glass Polisher, we can repair toughened and laminated glass, as well as tinted glass, on areas such as sloped or vertical windows or architectural glazing as well as balustrades, tabletops and display cases – to name just a few…

The cost and time effective new repair technique is now available across all of Plastic Surgeon’s regions meaning vandalism or accidental damage can be eradicated for the life of the window or other glass installation.


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