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Renovations at the RSC

To mark the 400th anniversary since William Shakespeare’s death, the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon has been conducting some ...
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Render repair service

Due to the fact they are both applied by trowel, the general public and even some property professionals tend to confuse plasterwork and render. ...
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Specialist property repair

Buying a home remains the biggest single expenditure most of us will make in our lifetimes, while the fluctuations in property values since the ...
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Marble metamorphosis

The Managing Director of cosmetic repair specialist, Plastic Surgeon, Rob Mouser reveals some of his firm’s secrets for keeping high class ...
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Damaged bannister repair

When tackling snagging, it is not unusual for us at Plastic Surgeon to get called in to repair damage done to bannisters, which has often ...
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Eureka on bath repair

Archimedes may well have run down the street crying Eureka (I have found it!) after hitting on his principle of displacement while taking a bath, ...
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Window cill repair

As long as mankind has created window openings in its shelters, there has been an area you could call the cill, though its shape and form has ...
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Conservatory repair

The worst scenario is that a pane of glass needs replacing. The best being that the glazing has received just a scratch or chip. But instead of ...
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Cooker hood repair

Cooker hood repair is something that we at Plastic Surgeon are very good at, being that we have had a lot of practice at it over the last 20 odd ...
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Cupboard door repair

‘Cupboard’ is, if you think about it, a strange combination of words, but if you look back in history, you will easily find out how ...
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Fascia repair

Fascias are important parts of our buildings, being that they protect them from the extremes of weather we see in the unpredictable British ...
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Brick repair solutions

Repairing damaged bricks is far more cost-effective than replacing them, which is exactly what we do at Plastic Surgeon on a regular basis for ...
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Floor repair

During a presentation to a major contractor, our Managing Director, Rob Mouser was apparently asked whether we could patch tarmac. Well I am ...
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Soft Landings

Plastic Surgeon looks at a framework that is providing valuable assistance to facilities managers. Soft Landings, an holistic approach to ...
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