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Rhino repair squad in action again

A second repair has been completed by the ‘Rhino Repair Squad’ as it rights the damage done to one of Paignton Zoo’s sculptures on The Great Big Rhino Trail.

A rhino sculpture which received extensive damage from a suspected brick attack has been made good by a team of Fine Finishers from Plastic Surgeon, the nationwide specialist finishing and repair firm based in Bovey Tracey.

The Rhino Repair Squad, having already completed repairs to a rhino positioned outside Exeter Train station last week, has come to the rescue once more to rectify damage to ‘Glimpses’, a sculpture that was damaged outside Exeter’s Guildhall Shopping Centre.

Cathy Baillie, Marketing Manager at Plastic Surgeon, said: “We’ve had a busy few days with the rhino repairs coming in, but our Finishers have risen to the challenge in spectacular fashion. First, we reattached RhinoBeta3107’s ear and now Glimpses has had its time in the repair squad’s ‘medical bay’ at the zoo and has come out practically as good as new.”

A Fine Finisher from the firm’s repair squad used Plastic Surgeon’s specialist techniques to right the damage done to the sculpture’s forehead, taking just under 4 hours to do so.

Cathy said: “Our team is very conscious of the fact that for the whole time a rhino is off being fixed it’s not being seen as part of the trail. We know people are out there trying to tick off the full list of 40 sculptures, and given the limited time frame in which they can do so, we want to ensure they aren’t out of action for long.”

She continued: “Our Finishers had it down as a priority. They’re brilliant works of art and the artists have spent a considerable amount of time in perfecting their rhino visions, so we want to give the public as much chance as possible to see them in all their glory.”

With the trail only having started at the end of July, the rhino repair squad, a dedicated team from Plastic Surgeon, saw immediate action.

Phil Knowling, Press Officer at Paignton Zoo commented: “Once again, the repair squad has stepped into the breach and once again they’ve done a fantastic job. The repair work from last week is barely recognisable and the same can now be said for Glimpses’. It’s brilliant to see them back to the same standard so quickly.”


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