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Save our Surfaces campaign


The UK generates approximately 290 million tonnes of waste each year.* You can help to reduce it.


Many cases of surface damage can be repaired. Every year in the UK, millions of worktops, baths, shower trays, doors, window frames and thousands of other building components are sent to landfill – the vast majority of which could be repaired and saved.

Help us reverse the throw-away approach.

We want to get people thinking about repairing rather than replacing damaged items. You can do your bit by repairing where possible, recycling and upcycling. You can also support our campaign and help to ‘Save our Surfaces’ in Britain’s buildings.

It’s free to support our campaign. Sign up and show your commitment to repairing and reducing landfill waste.

We’ll keep you updated with our latest repair success stories and innovations.



Support our campaign and help to ‘Save our Surfaces’ in Britain’s buildings.

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The Save our Surfaces campaign fully supports our own sustainability objectives to reduce waste generated by 90% by 2015, against a 2010 baseline. We look forward to working with Plastic Surgeon to ensure we adopt a ‘Repair over Replace’ philosophy on our applicable sites.

Damien Keaveny, Environment and Sustainability Manager, Mansell

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