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Plastic Surgeon Scotland is a division of Plastic Surgeon, the UK’s largest repair specialist.

We provide a truly local service in Scotland, supported by a nationwide team of over 155 Finishers in addition to our operations, logistics, customer service and sales support staff.

Richard Moreton, Head of Plastic Surgeon’s housebuild for the north, said:
We’ve been working on jobs ad hoc in Scotland for 20 years. But having seen an ever increasing richard moretonrequirement and to reflect the fact that our team is permanently based in Scotland, with a dedicated operations manager, we’ve launched Plastic Surgeon Scotland, complete with its own branding and identity.

All of our team who are based in Scotland are local guys. We’ve got technicians based across the central belt, covering Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as technicians in Dundee and Perth and even as far as Inverness and Aberdeen.

Our range in Scotland covers the entirety of the country, with the team having completed jobs as far afield as Wick and on most of the islands. Our comprehensive national coverage means we see the team up here as very much a Scottish entity.

Sandra Geddes, Plastic Surgeon’s Sales Manager for Scotland, said: “The operation in Scotland is very much its own entity, with a Scotland based team and Scottish personnel including myself as the region’s dedicated sales manager. We want to portray a brand image that properly reflects that, so that both our clients and the guys at site level recognise the fact that it’s a local team.”


Plastic Surgeon cooperated fully in providing a safe working plan and beginning early in the morning, while the Finisher involved did a very good job in repairing and colour matching the damaged areas. Replacing these panels would have been far more disruptive and costlier.

Site Agent, Barr Construction.

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Our services are used by a diverse range of organisations throughout the UK, who all recognise the cost and time saving benefits of repairing over replacing.

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We repair everything from scratched shower trays and chipped worktops to damaged sinks and baths. Read FAQs and use our ‘Interactive Repair Map’.


You need to know:

  • When to repair rather than replace
  • What can and can’t be repaired
  • How repairs save money
  • How to manage multiple repairs
  • How to monitor sites with frequent damage



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