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About Save our Surfaces

The objective is simple -get more people thinking about repairing rather than replacing a surface that is scratched, cracked or damaged in another way. Not every surface can be repaired but if we can make the first thought one of Repair Not Replace than collectively we can make a massive difference.

Every year across the UK, millions of tonnes of materials are thrown into landfill sites by businesses and homeowners unnecessarily -anything from glass and kitchen worktops to baths, bath panels and shower trays, cupboard doors, bricks and blocks, UPVC window frames and many more -the vast majority of which could be repaired and restored.

The SOS Campaign aims to reverse the ‘Throw Away Approach’. We want to stop unnecessary waste, help homeowners, organisations and businesses make a difference, save millions of pounds in replacement costs and lasting difference to the environment.

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Zero waste week

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As it’s #zero waste week we’ve recycled some of the waste related articles that have made the headlines recently. Benefits of the Zero Waste Economy. Via @marcGunther on The emerging circular economy is based on nature and aspires to eliminate waste by turning products at the end of their lives into something else. The transition to a […]

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Save our Surfaces campaign

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DID YOU KNOW…? The UK generates approximately 290 million tonnes of waste each year.* You can help to reduce it. HOW CAN I HELP? Many cases of surface damage can be ...

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Repair to redefine cities

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Sustainia is an innovation platform where companies, NGOs, foundations and thought leaders come together to support and work with a tangible approach to sustainability. The ...

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