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Marble and granite repair

Marble is a soft metamorphic rock containing calcium carbonate. It is much softer than Granite and is easily stained by food acids such as lemon, orange, tomato juice etc. Marble will also degrade easily from standing water if the local mineral content is high and using the wrong cleaners and polishes will also degrade marble.

Our R&D team has developed specialist cleaning processes to restore badly stained and tarnished marble and granite surfaces. Just like glass polishing; marble and granite polishing is not a quick process but the results can be amazing.

We also repair chipped and scratched marble and granite surfaces, such as worksurfaces, vanity units, flooring, walls and columns.

Surfaces under Marble and granite repair


Typical granite damage: Scratches, Chips, Cracks, Holes, Gouges, Scuffs & Abrasion, Stains ...
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Typical marble damage: Scratches, Chips, Cracks, Scuffs & Abrasion, Stains, Discolouration ...
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