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Render Repair

Render is a decorative coating applied to walls, mainly used for exterior surfaces, although occasionally for interiors.

Unpainted, render will always feel rough to the touch, and tends to shed particles of grit or sand.

Over the past few years, Render has been used increasingly as an exterior finish on many properties.

This is partly due to the revival of Modernism in architecture. And also because a serious brick shortage since the recession eased has led to developers switching to render treatments.

Another factor is that energy management and property renovation programmes to many old solid wall type properties, involve the application of a proprietary render.

One of the problems with render though, is that it can be high maintenance. Rendered elevations can discolour with age and weathering, while they are susceptible to cracks and damage.

Cracks and holes in render are not easy to repair, and even someone skilled in applying render can struggle to match the surrounding area. The most common remedy is to hack off the render on an entire elevation and start again, which is a costly process.

This is why Plastic Surgeon has spent time and effort in developing a specialist render repair system that allows small areas of cracks and holes to be repaired, without having to remove the entire wall surface.

We repair render that is cracked or has suffered drill or bore holes, using our System 140, which is a weather resistant external decorative render coating.

Surfaces under Render Repair

Render Repair

Typical render damage: Cracks, Bore Holes, Drill Holes Typical render repair: Exterior walls ...
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