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Train for a new career

Good staff retention is very much a two-way street, generally benefitting the individual employees as well as the company involved: which has definitely been true in the case of Dan Boyes – recently promoted from a Level 3 Finisher with specialist, Plastic Surgeon.
Dan has in fact been with the company’s Eastern Region for 12 years; becoming one of its most experienced and broadly skilled operatives, while also enjoying a very varied and rewarding path.

Dan Boyes comments: “As one of the longest serving employees – starting under the original management – I can remember when the trainingASF was much more basic.

“It has moved on an enormous amount, and now the trainees are sent out after their introductory course to learn on the job and be mentored by the more experienced ones. The Plastic Surgeon business is a unique offering, which with the diversity of repairs that we offer, it is essential that the courses in the classroom are backed up by continuing development and mentoring in the work situation.”

Plastic Surgeon has a well-funded research programme that is constantly developing new repair techniques which are then passed onto the Finishers; in turn providing clients with a more efficient service. Already up to speed on most of the repairs, Dan Boyes has now taken another major step up the promotion ladder offered by the UK’s only national cosmetic repair contractor.

Dan continues: “In addition to what I have learned along the way through experience, I have been back to the headquarters in Bovey Tracey for specific courses in Stone Repair and another on Ceramics, plus I have learnt stainless steel polishing. Also I have become involved in a lot of insurance work and have now been given the role of overseeing the central area of our Eastern Region: stretching west from the A1, covering places like Reading, Oxford and Milton Keynes up to the East Midlands and Coventry.

“While still being involved with the practical work I am doing quotes on repairs and checking that other Finishers’ vans and kit are all in order, and allocating them work: which is freeing up time for our Operations Manager, Colin Tommins.”

Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers frequently highlight how almost every day is different due to the variety of the firm’s client categories – from housebuilders and home insurers to big hotels and even cruise liner companies – but it seems a dozen years into his career, that Dan has found himself yet another fresh challenge.

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