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UK waste management

Most people now accept that we need to recycle more; the post war ethos of make do and mend is, surprisingly, becoming quite popular again, as we see cash-strapped families and businesses struggling out of the recession repairing items, rather than replace them. Interestingly, they are mirroring what we at Plastic Surgeon have been doing for over 20 years. Our ethos being, ‘don’t skip it, fix it.’

While our working practises cannot be anything other than sustainable, because we repair rather than replace, it is worth noting that landfill costs are rising steeply. Tax for waste going to landfill increased 25% (£8.00) to £40.00 per tonne (+ VAT) on the 1st April 2009 and is set to rise by £8.00 per tonne each year for the next four years. With VAT set to rise next year to 20%, avoiding sending damaged items to landfill will become a no-brainer, coupled with the delicious knowledge that one is being environmentally-friendly.

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