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Worst Christmas presents for women

Worst Christmas presents for women

Worst Christmas presents for women

Upon finding this story, your blogger felt compelled to share … as it has very much reminded me of a Christmas a few years ago when I excitedly picked up this huge box from underneath the tree, beautifully wrapped and with the words “To the person who deserves the very best in life.” B xxxxx

Maybe it’s something about the initial ‘B’ as, apparently, with the best of intentions, a gentleman called Ben Blomerley bought his girlfriend a worm farm as a present – not surprisingly, she dumped him.  Thus, not wanting other hapless chaps to go through the same experience, he decided that there had to be a better way of choosing gifts for women, so has set up an internet company called which is an ecommerce marketplace dedicated to finding beautiful and desirable gifts for women with a little help from her friends.

His company also conducted a nationwide survey on presents received by women, which found that nearly half of UK women (49.9%) will be disappointed on Christmas Day because their partner will fail to buy them a perfect gift.  The independent survey was conducted by Censuswide, which interviewed almost 1700 women.

Windscreen wipers, nasal hair trimmer, a bag of compost, a cement mixer and even a beard trimmer were mentioned by women as some truly terrible gifts given by their loved ones. It is not surprising then that 42% of women have ditched the partners who gave them awful gifts – a note of caution to anyone buying a present for the female in their life.

Nearly 1 in 5 married women (16.9%) confided that their husbands really did not know them when it came to buying gifts – one woman even disclosed that her husband accidently gave her the gift he intended to give his mistress! 5% of married women also revealed that they pretended to like the gifts their husband gave them. In contrast almost exactly half of women who are cohabiting (49.2%) felt their live-in partners always bought great gifts.

Back to your blogger’s mystery gift.  My beautifully presented gift was a scutch hammer … spouse no doubt thinking of all the stone repairs we get involved with at Plastic Surgeon. Luckily for the health of my beloved, our families were sharing Christmas with us.