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Specialist property repair

Specialist property repair

Buying a home remains the biggest single expenditure most of us will make in our lifetimes, while the fluctuations in property values since the financial crisis of 2008 and the continuing difficulty in securing mortgages mean that people’s expectations of quality are higher than they have ever been.

In fact home buyers will not just judge location and the number of bedrooms, but expect the standard of the interior and exterior fittings to be near perfect before parting with their money. Add to this the fact that the types of apartments and houses offered by developers today contain a much wider palette of materials and finishes than in past decades, and it is clear to see why the ubiquitous ‘snagging’ schedule has become such a headache for site managers. And therefore why Plastic Surgeon’s own highly trained Finishers are in real demand.

As the UK’s only national specialist property repair company, Plastic Surgeon has more than 150 Finishers based across the regions, with the operatives themselves offering a range of skillsets that encompass masonry or brick repair, timber restoration, the reinstatement of paint or plasterwork and even glass polishing to remove scratches. As a result the teams are able to save everything from laminate flooring to roofline products and virtually everything in between: including door and window frames, cladding panels and even ornate architectural metalwork.

As a result Plastic Surgeon can respond quickly and efficiently when its major clients report that some sub-contractor has clumsily caused accidental damage which would otherwise require the removal, replacement and surrounding reinstatement of what is likely to be a very expensive building component. Taylor Wimpey, Redrow, Persimmon and Barratt Homes are amongst those who benefit from the service.

The Managing Director of Plastic Surgeon, Rob Mouser, comments: “Customers nowadays expect the highest standard of finish on their new property, as they would if they were purchasing a new car, so specialist cosmetic property repair and fine finishing are services very much in demand by housebuilders who want a high quality, economic alternative to ripping out and replacing expensive fittings.”

April sees the Building Regulations being tightened again, with the introduction of Fabric Energy Efficiency Standards, as the industry prepares to achieve the goal of near-to-zero carbon living by 2016.

In addition to energy saving, however, the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM both embrace the reduction of waste as a way to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings. Which is why one of Plastic Surgeon’s key messages has always been that repair is the sustainable alternative to placement.

Plastic Surgeon has even helped customers quantify their waste reduction efforts by introducing its VisibilITy software which ensures the billing information provided by each Finisher is translated into tonnages of material saved from going to landfill.

With a host of national awards for sustainability and innovation, Plastic Surgeon has proved itself to be a true ally to the UK’s housebuilders.

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