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Sustainable cosmetic repair – whitepaper

Sustainable cosmetic repair – whitepaper

Author: Bruce Meechan B.Sc. Civ. Eng April 2013

Executive Summary

As the UK’s most proactive and only truly national cosmetic repair specialist, Plastic Surgeon sees its position in the country’s construction industry as not only a key service provider, but also a thought leader, upon whom it is incumbent to help inform other professionals about the potential benefits of repair.

The company continues to invest heavily in research and development as well as its on-line technical support, offering clients a constantly expanding range of tools to improve their own performance. Now it has added the ‘Save Our Surfaces’ campaign to encourage wider participation with a repair focussed  strategy which has rapidly expanded from housebuilding and main contracting into such areas as insurance and facilities management.

In order to provide an objective overview of the campaign’s significance, Plastic Surgeon has commissioned this White Paper, exploring the background to repair, sustainability and the markets to which it can be applied.

As a civil engineer and builder with 25 years’ experience as a technical journalist, Bruce Meechan is also editor of Housing Association magazine, published by Waverley Communications. His career, which includes a period working on social housing refurbishment and conversions in London, as well as time on new-build sites, has given Bruce an unrivalled insight into the public housing sector where maintenance, repair and improvement account for the vast majority of the total spend.

In fact, on top of their annual ‘planned and responsive maintenance’ budgets, the UK’s housing associations are now the primary delivery vehicle for the £1.3 Billion a year ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) initiative which is focused on improving the thermal performance of hard-to-treat, mainly solid wall properties.

This document also covers the other main types of property, products and substrates which come within the compass of cosmetic repair and that all benefit from an ethos of conserving natural resources, rather than irresponsibly disposing of them.

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