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Sustainable repair for FM – whitepaper

Sustainable repair for FM – whitepaper

Author: Bruce Meechan, B.Sc Civ. Eng.

Executive Summary

As a respected profession having upward of 80,000 members, and with many more people performing at least some similar functions, facilities managers are integral to the continuing performance of properties during their service life, and are also sometimes involved in the later phases of construction or commissioning.

In fact it does not matter how well a building is designed and constructed, or how effectively it may have been refurbished, the way it is occupied and operated – including the standard of maintenance – will have the greatest influence on the whole life cost.

Within the scope of this document – commissioned by Plastic Surgeon, the UK’s largest provider of cosmetic repair services across the built environment – the author explores the breadth of the responsibilities borne by facilities managers, and those with related job descriptions, as well as the constraints within which legislation requires that they must work.

The following sections therefore consider the many different elements to both contemporary and period properties which inevitably suffer from minor damage as a result of everyday occupation, accident and natural processes. Also in relation to the very individual service and bespoke repair techniques offered by Plastic Surgeon and its highly trained finishers, the paper explains how it is possible to make good almost any surface, or substrate.

Crucially such work is almost always carried out in-situ, while the flexibility of the regionally based workforce and the care given to making the interventions of low impact, it is possible for Plastic Surgeon to carry out its work with the absolute minimum of disruption across the whole spectrum of client sectors.

Beyond the physical effects of having a specialist company carry out cosmetic repairs, as an alternative to employing in-house maintenance staff or a variety of external trade contractors, the document also assesses the quantifiable reduction that can be made in an organization’s environmental impact: repair being shown to greatly reduce the consumption of resources and waste sent to landfill, associated with going down the replacement route.

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