Improving recycling efficiency and reducing environmental impact

16th March 2021

We are delighted to be able to highlight Global Recycling Day each year and see the day as a timely opportunity to think about the waste that we throw away – seeing not waste, but an opportunity.

Every year the Earth yields billions of tonnes of natural resources and at some point, in the not too distant future, it will run out. We are all facing a climate emergency of unparalleled proportions directly affecting humanity. Recycling is a key part of the circular economy, helping to preserve our natural resources. Each year over 700,000,000 tonnes are saved in CO2 emissions and there is no doubt that recycling is one of the main ways we can make a difference to save the future of our planet.

The Global Recycling Foundation asks us all to think of resources, not waste, and until this happens, we will not appreciate the true value and repurpose that restored goods deserve.

Restoration specialist

As the leading specialist hard surface restoration company across the UK, Plastic Surgeon works across a wide range of house-build, construction, and domestic situations. Their highly-skilled finishers are able to restore a multitude of hard surface damage on surfaces that would otherwise be replaced. Up to 80% of damage can potentially be restored, creating vast opportunities for savings on landfill waste and ultimately reducing our impact on the planet.

Mike Aitken , Managing Director for Plastic Surgeon explains:

“We work hard to explain the over-riding benefits of adopting a repair first approach to any potential client looking to find a solution to restoring a wide range of damage to an ever-increasing variety of surfaces. Repairs offer an instant solution with huge financial savings, so coupled with the improvements in sustainable benefits, we feel justified in our claims that we can really make a positive impact in the quest for a better environment”.

The statistics speak for themselves.

  • Over the course of last year, Plastic Surgeon carried out a staggering 936,000 individual repairs on an extensive range of damage that would otherwise have been put into landfill waste.
  • We helped to save 4,376 tonnes of landfill for our clients.
  • On average, our repair costs save over 60% of the cost of replacement.

Of the earth’s natural resources, their supply is finite and rapidly running out. Humans are carelessly using up the natural resources without the means to replace them, whilst billions of tonnes of waste pour into our landfill sites every year. Recycling is the simple solution to this problem, and we hope that Plastic Surgeon can play our part in the efforts to improve recycling efficiency and environmental impact.

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Global Recycling Day takes place on 18 March each year.

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