Landmark landfill savings… once again

21st January 2019
Landfill site

We’re toasting another landmark year of landfill savings at Plastic Surgeon, as we’ve surpassed our previous year’s achievements once again.

Through our repair capabilities – where we advocate a repair over replacement approach – we succeed in preventing thousands of tonnes of waste heading for landfill every year.

More sustainable construction

The positive environmental aspects are one of the primary benefits of our services. If we take construction sites as an example, they’re busy places and damage is an inevitable consequence of having multiple trades doing active work on site. With such a volume of traffic, it’s unavoidable that accidents and subsequent damage occurs.

Without repair, something such as a cracked bath in a new build or damaged cladding on a commercial site, would be simply ripped out and sent to the tip. However, through the utilisation of our services, our repair technicians can come in and fix it, meaning 1) waste is reduced and 2) the cost of a replacement item is saved.

Record landfill savings

We use our bespoke Visibility system to meticulously track our repairs, including landfill savings and myriad other details. The great thing about such comprehensive reporting is that it allows us to use the minutiae to paint the bigger picture, enabling us to determine that across 2018 we improved our total by 9% when compared against 2017; saving 3,783 tonnes.

Now, that may look like mere numbers on a page to you, so to try and help you visualise it, let’s turn it into double decker buses.

A new Routemaster bus weighs approximately 12.65 tonnes, so if we divide 3,783 by that figure, it equates to 299 double decker buses. Can you picture 299 double deckers side-by-side? It’s huge!

748,399 individual repairs helped contribute to that figure, including 27,997 internal doors, 14,667 windows and 12,195 external doors, as well as 3,728 baths.

Totalling up our repairs is always a rewarding experience, and it enables us to appreciate just what we’ve achieved over the year. We’re delighted to have surpassed our previous total again, so here’s to a successful 2019 and saving even more waste from heading to landfill.

Image from US Army Corp of Engineers

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