Fostering excellence: how our unique mentoring approach delivers quality finishers

15th April 2019
Research and development at Plastic Surgeon

At Plastic Surgeon, we pride ourselves on the quality of our repairs. It’s a sentiment that’s fostered at all levels of the company and nurtured from the outset as soon as anyone joins us.

The level of quality that we produce for our clients and customers is rooted in our approach to learning and development. We’re always looking to improve and build upon our capabilities.

To help convey the idea of this, it’s worth looking at the career trajectory of our finishers.

The bid for repair excellence begins right at the induction stage.

Intensive induction

Training commences with an intensive week long course that covers all the necessary details of working for Plastic Surgeon, including relevant health and safety knowledge, as well as gaining an understanding of the various tools, phones and apps required to do the job.

From here, our trainee finishers then head out into the field, where they’re mentored for 5 weeks by an experienced colleague. This sees them acquiring the basic skills, learning how to carry out the most common repairs; largely developing their preparation skills, as well as some detailing. The approach is very much hands on, with their mentor encouraging them to get stuck in.

The technical elements

Having completed this period, finishers return to our Bovey Tracey headquarters for a further week of training, involving an in-depth overview of the technical elements, including spot repairs, spray training, ceramic repairs and more.

Following this, it’s back out into the field where they work on large sites with many other finishers. With colleagues on hand, it’s easy to ask for advice, help and reassurance around the repair work they’re carrying out.

During this period, where they’re regularly conversing with colleagues and working side-by-side, they help to establish the language of the job – especially industry and even company specific terms. One element where this is key, is colour matching; a tricky to master skill. Working alongside experienced finishers allows them to establish the correct terminology and colour designations.

A mentoring connection

Once their work is at the required standard and they’ve passed their 3-month probation finishers progress out onto jobs where only one finisher is required, this helps them to maintain that mentoring connection. Other finishers are always available over the phone if they need to query a repair need. Knowing the correct language makes this process much easier.

It’s worth noting that during the probationary period, we don’t charge our clients for the attendance of trainee finishers. They will always be accompanied by an experienced finisher to ensure standards are met, so clients will effectively be getting double the resource for half the price during probation.

Even having passed probation, capabilities are continually assessed, with a 6-month review with their manager the next point. From here (providing they’ve demonstrated appropriate proficiency), they’ll then be able to work autonomously as finishers.

Pioneering NVQ

Plastic Surgeon offers a pioneering NVQ in surface repair (you can read about it here), which is all tied into the mentoring process, enabling individuals to attain the right skillset through support from senior finishers during training.

With training complete, the focus on quality is maintained through grading. Having been out in the field and actively conducting repairs for roughly a year finishers officially move from trainee to Grade 1.

Grade 2 is next, followed by Grade 3 – the top level, where repair skill is at its peak having been consistently demonstrated by completing the toughest repairs.

Each grade requires the finishers to have maintained the right level for a minimum of 6 months before they can progress to the next.

To summarise; our commitment to quality is ingrained. We do all that we can to maximise the standard of our repairs.

Mentoring plays a big part in developing our talented employees to their full potential. Not only does it make the job more rewarding for them, it also allows us to deliver the best service in the industry, going far and above our competitors in search of perfection.

To find out how we can help with your repair needs, get in touch via our contact page.

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