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Aiming for Zero defects

Aiming for Zero defects

queen diamond jubileeIt was one of the targets of Egan and Rethinking Construction in the 90s to aim for zero defects, but the harsh reality is that most building work is still carried out on sites, at the mercy of the elements, and not in a controlled factory environment. Therefore accidental damage continues to be a factor which site management have to deal with, and it is where the services of a repair specialist can prove invaluable.

There was a time when a situation where a plumber has shattered a brick by drilling through for an outlet pipe, was merely a visual problem, but nowadays it may also have a critical effect on the post completion air pressure test. Every interface with the envelope, construction voids or service risers can now be critical; and all tradespeople on site have to be  ‘on board’ with project aims.

Two recent education projects in the South West, aiming for the very highest standards, have seen Plastic Surgeon involved to ensure the fabric of the building was in pristine condition on completion. First the company’s highly trained Finishers were involved at The Montgomery School in Exeter – the first such PassivHaus standard facility in the UK – and then on the Forum which forms part of the University of Exeter’s £350 million redevelopment programme: the latter being opened by Queen Elizabeth when she visited the city. First BAM Construction and then Sir Robert McAlpine were Plastic Surgeon’s clients.

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