A potential Brexit affect on Construction & Housebuilding

4th January 2021

The industry has spent the last nine months adapting to the issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are all now preparing ourselves for the impact of Brexit and what this might mean to the housing and construction industries.

Repairs to external cladding

A recent article published by Inside Housing stated that 50-60% of construction delays stem from the inconsistent supply of materials as a result of the uncertainty surrounding the effects of Brexit.

The article reported that many builders are stockpiling materials such as bricks and plasterboard which is leading to issues for the entire industry.

Brexit may create supply shortages

Obtaining products from the EU, following Brexit, is a real concern without knowing what delays may occur as a result. It was reported in Construction Index that 78% of builders are forecasting material shortages and prices are rising across the board.

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said:

Builders are facing significant material shortages and growing waiting times for the products they need. Builders need confidence that they will not face delays at the ports and price hikes going into 2021

What can Plastic Surgeon do to help?

At Plastic Surgeon, we were called in to support contractors at the beginning of Covid-19 and throughout, mainly due to issues obtaining products from overseas. We believe that our restorative and innovative skills can be used within the industry as supply issues are experienced as a result of Brexit delays.

On a large NHS hospital site in Liverpool for example, each floor featured wall panels imported from Italy, which were different colours depending on the floor level. The contractor looked to us to assist with our colour matching capabilities in mind. We were able to match each panel to the original colour to ensure that a perfect finish was left.

And again, at an apartment development in central Manchester, the contractor required our expert skill in repairing damage caused to numerous bathroom pods that had occurred during transit.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, new pods were difficult to obtain, so we were tasked with demonstrating what could be done.  The damage caused to the pods was restored to the delight of our client and we were contracted to work with the client on the whole development.

Inventive solutions are called for

Covid-19 means that the construction industry has been required to get more inventive in finding solutions to enable them to complete jobs using restoration services, when, in the past, they may have replaced damage, feeling that was a simple fix. We believe that Brexit will have a similar effect as supply chains are interrupted and long delays are inevitable. The impact is still not fully known, the industry needs to be inventive and intelligent to find the way ahead, and we will continue to support them in doing so.

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