Inventive ways around Covid-19 disruptions

9th December 2020

How Covid-19 has encouraged contractors to look at alternative supply solutions
during the current pandemic constraints.

Covid-19 has led to significant changes within the construction industry since March.  Some changes have been more challenging to overcome, others have led to new practices which will provide the industry with many long term gains moving forward.

Plastic Surgeon has been working with some of the country’s leading contractors for many years, providing solutions for surface damage repairs.

Working together to provide solutions

In the past, our work for contractors has very much been about providing a repair service before the handover of the building, restoring multiple types of surface damage that have been made by the countless tradespeople during the build.

However, Covid-19h has led to a number of new issues arising, mainly with regards to sourcing materials, which was particularly difficult at the beginning of the lockdown period.

Richard Moreton, NAM for Plastic Surgeon comments:

“On a NHS site in Liverpool each floor featured wall panels which were different colours depending on the floor level.

“These panels were being imported from Italy, and as Italy was one of the first countries in Europe affected by the pandemic, supplies stopped arriving pretty early on.

“The contractor, Laing O’Rourke, looked to us to see if we could assist with our colour matching capabilities in mind.

“We were able to match each and every panel with the original colours selected to ensure that a perfect finish was left”.

Opportunities to improve productivity

This shift in practices has led to further restoration work across our contractor’s sites, using a variety of specialist techniques.

Cupboard door colour change

We can change the colour of panels on a variety of surfaces

Although contractors always had restoration in their minds, Covid-19 has given them the opportunity to investigate and develop the opportunity for further ways of using our services to their benefit, speeding up processes and saving potential delays to works.

We are now working with contractors across the county looking at alternative ways that our skills can be implemented – increasing sustainability credentials, driving down costs, and improving productivity. What’s not to like!

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