New builds are still on the rise during 2020

29th October 2020

It has been reported that, between July and mid-October 2020, Barratt Homes completed 4,032 new homes, an increase from 3,252 last year. The group's sales rate was 0.87 per outlet per week, compared with 0.72 last year.

This year,  Barratt Homes expect to grow completions of new homes to between 14,500 and 15,000 for the year.

This is encouraging news for our biggest homebuilder client, whom Plastic Surgeon has been working with for the past 14 years.

Our work continues to increase with them as sustainability has become such a huge priority. In 2015 Barratt set a target to become a sustainable housebuilder and they are well on their way to achieving this.

It has further emphasised its commitment focusing heavily on further reducing carbon and waste materials, it has already reduced its waste intensity by 15% and we like to think we are a big part of this – in 2019 we saved 4,376 tonnes from landfill, carrying out over 930,000 individual repairs. Our clients such as Barratts are able to monitor their landfill savings through our unique ‘Visability’ reporting platform which tracks landfill savings and allows clients to see, at a glance, their ongoing savings through using Plastic Surgeon.

Typical work for housebuilders includes repairing damaged internal doors, chipped worktops, broken plumbing, damage to exterior brickwork and cracked GRP.

We are delighted that our housebuilder sector continues to grow through these difficult economic times.

Richard Moreton, National Account Manager comments:

For many years we have worked with large housebuilders such as Barratt and have built up a great relationship with them that really does get fantastic results.

“Over the past six months, our work with SME developers has also begun to increase, which has been a fantastic addition to our work.

“SME developers have observed what the larger housebuilders such as Barratt are doing with regards to sustainability and are seeing the cost benefits associated with using our service. We can all make an impact on climate change by considering alternatives solutions instead of simply replacing broken fixtures and fittings.”

“Housebuilding was hit at the start of the outbreak of COVID-19 with the majority of the larger housebuilders pausing construction for a period of time, but building is now back up to near normal level and our finishers are working at full capacity on some fantastic new housing schemes”.

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