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CSCS cards and a changing industry

CSCS cards and a changing industry

Like any industry, ours is an evolving one. Consequently, we have to adapt our services and our offering to reflect industry changes as and when they occur.

One that’s made an obvious impact in recent years is the move towards CSCS card accreditation. It stands for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme and is now an on-site requirement for many major contractors. The cards have been in place since 1995, but it’s only relatively recently that they’ve been given such on-site focus.

Accreditation isn’t a legislative requirement, however for principal contractors and major housebuilders it’s often the case that they don’t permit access on site without a valid CSCS card.

For our finishers who work on construction and housebuilding sites across the country, it’s paramount they have these cards in order to abide by site protocol. Failing to have a CSCS card means they run the risk of being denied access to the area in which they need to work.

We’ve recently launched an NVQ in surface repair, which all of our finishers will achieve as part of their standard job training.

CSCS applicants need to prove they have the requisite training and qualifications to carry out their role. Our finishers, having completed our NVQ course to level 2, will qualify for a Skilled Worker card, allowing them access to construction sites for 5 years until the card expires.

In addition to being the first in the industry to offer the NVQ, we’re the only surface repair firm to offer a card that directly relates to the work we’re completing. All of our finishers will be carrying a card just for experienced repair and resurfacing workers; a card specific to us. Repairers from some other companies will be operating with cards designated for other trades, such as carpentry or even plumbing, which isn’t a true reflection of their role.

We felt it was important that, given the added emphasis on CSCS cards, our employees carried ones that directly correlated with their capabilities and was an accurate indicator of the skills they were bringing on site. We’re proud of the work we do and ours is a defined skill that deserves individual recognition.

Industry evolution is a good thing, with CSCS cards helping to ensure onsite health and safety requirements are met. The challenge though is to ensure that we evolve alongside the industry, and at Plastic Surgeon, we pride ourselves on the ability to do so.

You can read more about our NVQ scheme here, and you can find out more about working for Plastic Surgeon via out careers page.

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