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Repairing damage to laminate panels

Repairing damage to laminate panels

Repairing damage to laminate panels

repair research and developmentSometimes there is just no way to achieve an acceptable repair due to the nature of the surface involved, but Plastic Surgeon’s research and development department may well still find a way round the problem.

Andy Keenagh, who is in charge of R&D, had been contacted by a number of commercial clients as well as some of the company’s own operations managers, asking what can be done where the face of laminate panels has been damaged. Unfortunately the film that carries the image of the wood grain, marble or other pattern is so thin that there was no way to hide the join.

Thinking laterally, however, Andy drew on his experience of the automotive trade, where vehicle owners or their garages frequently get a bonnet or a door off a similar model and simply respray it to match.

Andy Keenagh comments: “Laminate panels are very commonly used in commercial premises – in shops and offices or hotels – and when they get damaged during construction or use it is just impossible to reinstate the surface.

“What we decided was that as long as the client can find a matching size – say 900 x 300 and 20 mm thick – and install it, then we can make it match all the others around it. In the case of a ‘marble’ panel the Finisher will mix up a quantity of the System 40 paint to match the main body colour, then after that has been sprayed on all the detail is put in by hand using fine artists’ brushes.  A coat of lacquer completes the job.”

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