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Shoddy DIY repairs devalue your home

Shoddy DIY repairs devalue your home

Shoddy DIY repairs devalue your home

TrustMark is the comprehensive and reliable ‘find a tradesman’ scheme for home repair and improvement work; while it also claims to be the only such scheme that operates in line with Government-endorsed standards.

While we at Plastic Surgeon aren’t members because our Finishers cannot be classified as tradesmen, we do get called upon to put right the shoddy work of ‘cowboys’ who call themselves tradesmen and probably don’t belong to any professional body while, unfortunately, DIYers often cause just as much damage to their own homes – as a TrustMark survey has revealed.

It was with great interest that your blogger read the research undertaken by Trustmark, which shows that shoddy DIY repairs devalue your home. A third of Brits offer 11% less on average for homes with botched DIY; while shoddy workmanship makes more than half (54%) of us less likely to put in an offer on a property.

Unqualified homeowners attempting electrical DIY has the largest impact on the value of their homes, as visible wiring was picked as the most off-putting example of poor standards by 40% of British adults, while inconveniently or poorly placed electrical sockets were also cited by 10% of respondents as the worst ‘shock.’ The next most common turn-off for prospective buyers was ill-fitting or unfinished kitchen units, attracting 18% of votes.

Although 10% of younger people (18-34 year olds) are less put off by poor DIY, they still expect a 9 – 10% discount; while people living in London and the South East ranked highest when it came to being forgiving about such failings: with 11% of those in these areas saying they’d be more likely to put an offer in on these homes (compared to 7% overall). However, they would still reduce their offers by 10% on average, showing that poor DIY can affect prices in even the most competitive of housing markets.

When asked about the single most off-putting signs of poor DIY in a prospective new property, the full breakdown of the British public’s reactions was as follows:
. Visible wiring – 40%
• Ill-fitting or unfinished kitchen units – 18%
• Inconveniently or poorly placed electrical sockets – 10%
• Ill-fitting or unfinished bathroom units – 5%
• Squeaky floorboards – 5%
• Badly painted walls or woodwork – 2%
• Poor grouting / tiling – 2%
• Poorly landscaped gardens – 2%
• Dripping taps – 1%
• Poorly fitted carpets – 1%
• Poorly hung wallpaper – 1%
• Don’t know – 12%

An 11% drop on the price of a home equates to around £30,800 – or £60,149 in London; one in seven people (13%), though, will wish to reduce their offer on a botched property by over 20%. Which makes you question why DIYers continue to botch their homes.

Our message is this: either get the home improvements done properly. Or call in Plastic Surgeon – we can repair those kitchen units, put right the grouting and repair gouges, dents and scratches in doors, walls and even the bath or shower tray – all probably in just a day too. Then work out how much this will add value to your home.

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