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Facilities Managers make good use of repairs

Facilities Managers make good use of repairs

Facilities management (FM) is one of the fastest growing professions in the UK, while facilities managers are responsible for many of the buildings and services which support businesses and other types of organisations.

When accidental damage occurs, for many facilities managers it’s Plastic Surgeon to the rescue. Whether it’s a damaged sink, a cracked window cill, a scratched door, a chipped worktop or stained brickwork, it’s far more cost-effective to repair than replace.

For every £1 spent on repairs with Plastic Surgeon, customers save on average £3 on material replacements, (and that’s excluding labour costs). Working for some of the leading premises and facilities management companies throughout the UK, the company carries out cost-saving repairs to interior and exterior surfaces in premises ranging from hotels and restaurants to hospitals and prisons to leisure centres, retail premises offices and housing.

But for some organisations such as housing associations and local authorities, proving that they are being environmentally friendly is an important part of the remit when they take into consideration Government initiatives such as the Code for Sustainable Homes and Retrofit for the Future.  Here, facility managers will help reach their ‘eco-targets,’ or gain points on the CSH, if they utilise the services of Plastic Surgeon.

Other key points in the development of facilities management include:

•         Cost-cutting initiatives of the 1970s and 1980s under which organisations began to outsource ‘non-core’ services.

•         Integration of the planning and management of a wide range of services both ‘hard’ (e.g. building fabric) and ‘soft’ (e.g. catering, cleaning, security, mailroom, and health & safety) to achieve better quality and economies of scale.

•         Step-change with the Private Finance Initiative (now Public Private Partnerships), becoming an integral part of large-scale projects to manage, replace, and upgrade the country’s infrastructure and public service facilities. This new approach was swiftly followed in the private sector and abroad.

How do we at Plastic Surgeon help with the three above points?  Our services obviously assist facilities managers with cost-cutting.  By outsourcing repair and maintenance contracts to the company ensures a high standard of workmanship, as well as economy  – to repair rather than replace is obviously going to be cheaper.

While for the last point – and for a country that has such a huge deficit, upgrading items such as kitchen worktops or damaged doors can easily be done through repair, at a fraction of the cost of replacement, if the expertise of Plastic Surgeon is called upon.

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