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From French Polishers to Fine Finishers

From French Polishers to Fine Finishers

According to our MD at Plastic Surgeon, Rob Mouser, “one of the stages we often discover our new customers have gone through, before they call on our comprehensive repair services, is to have asked a French polisher to attempt to disguise some damage done to interior surfaces.”

Awareness of the Plastic Surgeon cosmetic repair service is increasing rapidly, but many people in the industry just don’t understand what we do, or the distinction between a French polisher and one of our Fine Finishers – maybe, we should call them ‘Fine Repairers’ instead.

This blogger jests, but as Rob reiterates, you can understand why, if you were having a hardwood table made, you might want it polished to a rich sheen using a shellac based mix – which is what French Polishing is all about – but such skills are hardly relevant when a kitchen work-surface, or a enamel bath, has been scratched or gouged.

French Polishing goes back to an era when pieces of furniture were generally of higher value and therefore looked after, to be proudly passed down to successive generations. High volume manufacturing has, since the fifties, precipitated a different attitude in us, until we became a ‘throwaway society’.

However, awareness of the fact that our Earth’s precious resources are not infinite is seeing the return of sustainability through the repair rather than replace ethos – a belief that has always been our raison d’être at Plastic Surgeon. So rather than merely representing ‘make-do and mend’ – as was promoted during the war years – at Plastic Surgeon we pride ourselves on restoring or matching the original quality of the finish.

While for French Polishers, who can just polish out stains or spills on timber – perhaps patching a piece of veneer – our repair skills stretch much further, as we can make good not just wood but laminates, ceramics, uPVC, stone, brick, metal and glass; in the form of baths, basins, shower trays, windows and many other interior and exterior building components. Imagine what use a French polisher would be if one of the Ecclestone girls scratched her million dollar crystal bath tub?

In addition, it is not only construction companies who are realizing that Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers are far more likely to be able to effect a repair on whatever substrate has been damaged; other professionals such as facilities managers and the big insurance companies are now coming to us as their first recourse.

It does not matter whether the item that needs repairing is a kitchen sink, a Victorian fireplace, a uPVC window frame or a piece of high quality hardwood furniture; our resources and repair skills are infinitely wider than those at the disposal of a French Polisher – get in touch with Plastic Surgeon to fix it rather than skip it.

Plastic Surgeon can restore almost any damaged interior or exterior surface in commercial or residential buildings. Thanks to specialist training the company’s finishers are expert in repairing and fine finishing practically any material including;

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