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‘Headless Horror’ At The Palace

‘Headless Horror’ At The Palace

Despite the thousands clamouring for admission tickets to see the latest exhibition to be staged at Buckingham Palace, the Queen described the seemingly headless display of the royal wedding dress and veil as ‘Horrid’, making us at the Plastic Surgeon wonder if Her Majesty is perhaps not always comfortable with the commercialism of such events.

It was of course in the wake of the terrible fire at Windsor Castle, back in 1992, that the decision was taken to open up parts of Buckingham Palace to the paying public, in order to help raise money towards the repairs and the general upkeep of the royal residences; both of these being areas of activity with which Plastic Surgeon is well experienced.

The nub of the problem for the Royal Household, the Crown Estates and Government is that old buildings – whether or not they are subject to significant accidental damage – require a huge amount of maintenance. And this work is generally very expensive. Add in the unexpected – such as a fire, flood or some other act of God – and the costs rise dramatically – with insurance payouts often not adequate to cover the remedial work.

Such budgetary burdens are not, of course, limited to the country’s grander old buildings, which is why facilities managers, building surveyors, maintenance co-ordinators and others, whose responsibility it is to maintain different premises, frequently call on our assistance.

For Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers teams are both highly skilled and fully equipped to tackle virtually any cosmetic repair required, either inside or outside of properties; whatever their architectural style.

We can repair cracks or gouges in masonry, damage to door or window frames, and dents in cladding as well as addressing scratches to all manner of internal surfaces. The latter might include fibrous plasterwork, enamelwork, marble and architectural metalwork, or the more modern substrates such as PVC, laminate, chrome and MDF.

The advantage our Finishers have over other tradesmen is Plastic Surgeon’s intensive training in cosmetic repair, and in particular colour matching existing surfaces. What is more, by repairing rather than replacing damaged items, our customers generally save £3 for every pound they spend on our services, while also dramatically cutting the volume of waste that gets sent to landfill.

We haven’t worked in any of the royal palaces yet, but like our other regionally based teams, our south east Finishers are ready to respond at short notice. And with out-of-hours working also an option, they could even repair any of the wear and tear that crowds of visitors tend to cause, at the times that Will and Kate’s wedding memorabilia aren’t open.

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