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Eureka on bath repair!

Eureka on bath repair!

Archimedes may well have run down the street crying Eureka (I have found it!) after hitting on his principle of displacement while taking a bath, but customers of Plastic Surgeon are often equally overjoyed when we successfully repair their damaged baths for them.

It might well sound like an impossible challenge when you think of the forces involved for, surely, a patch in a plastic, PVC or GRP bath repair would simply end up breaking down.  You would just be waiting for the water to burst through the repair and ruin the carpet in the bathroom, the flooring and probably the ceiling underneath as well.  Way too risky, you might think –

But you are so wrong.  Because to undertake a repair to a bath made from the above materials is just so simple for our highly trained finishers at Plastic Surgeon.  Our operative may add specialist filler material for excessively large areas of damage – where a chunk is missing from some heavy object such as a hammer being dropped into the bath, for example; but for smaller scratches, dents and gouges, as well as joining larger pieces into the bath, the process we employ is basically the same.

By gently heating the plastic, PVC or GRP, we ensure that the bath repair is monolithic.  That is, one single piece again, as the bath was as when brand new.  There cannot possibly be any risk of leakage or flooding because the heating process melts the atoms together.

In addition to the contemporary materials already mentioned, we also repair steel and enamel baths too.  Using fillers and waterproof compounds to again ensure the bath repair is – and will remain – completely watertight.

And you can rest assured that our finisher will make sure the colour of the bath repair matches as well.  They will hand-mix the prefect Avocado Green, Champagne, Tangerine or other colour which might no longer be available, from the array of paints and tints they carry in their vans, even replicating any slight fading caused by UV rays or cleaning products.  While for steel, we can mix the correct white – and there are hundreds, believe it or not.  And while there, our finisher can remove the staining that often happens with older steel and enamel baths.

But whatever type of bath repair you call us in to do, we will complete it in-situ, thus saving you the expense of having to purchase a replacement; the mess and disruption of having to remove the old one; the need to call in a plumber to remove and then re-install the taps and waste; someone to retile and re-grout around the replacement bath.  As well as a carpenter to make good the bath panels.

That is a lot of money to save on your bath repair by calling in Plastic Surgeon.  So however the damage is caused, bear in mind that we can repair it in usually well under two hours, ready for that relaxing soak.

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