Keep your caravan in tip top condition

18th February 2020
Caravan worktop repair

Now is the perfect time to get around to those important jobs of restoring your vehicle to top condition over the quiet winter period.

If you are a keen caravaner and looking to give your motorhome or caravan an overhaul this winter, now is the perfect time to get around to those important jobs of restoring your vehicle to top condition over the quiet winter period.

Along with keeping your van well aired and ventilated, it is vital that small scrapes and cracks are repaired as soon as possible to avoid the winter dampness getting into the imperfections to avoid further damage.

Due to the lightweight nature of motor homes and caravans, the interior fittings are often constructed from lightweight artificial wood or veneered MDF and the shower trays are made of light plastic panels that are brittle and frail. Keen DIY’ers will often fail to make successful invisible repairs in such unforgiving materials and that is where the knowledge and experience of our finishers will be invaluable.

The top 5 repairs that we are asked to work on are:

  1. Impact damage from falling items – can restore impact damage to a wide variety of surface types, including laminate, plastic, wood, enamel and more.
  2. Doors – can repair wear and tear to doors as well as damage caused from impact to ensure vehicle is sealed and secure from the outside elements.
  3. Burns – pan burns around the worktop surface are an eyesore but can be restored and colour matched to the surface.
  4. Screw holes – can fill holes in, providing a seamless finish that leaves a surface as good as new.
  5. Sanitary ware – can repair and freshen up damage and chips to cisterns and shower trays.

From scrapes or cracks on the exterior bodywork through to damage to interior fittings such as worktops, units or shower room, our nationwide team of finishers can rebuild the damaged area and colour match the repair to ensure it blends seamlessly into the original surface.

With over 20 years’ experience in dealing with caravan and mobile home repairs, be it mishaps to the external panels or accidental burns, cracks or chips to the van’s interior surfaces, Plastic Surgeon have expert finishers on hand to help to carry out the work in situ wherever you van is in storage.

We appreciate the pride that caravan owners have in their vehicles, so always ensure that the work is carried out with respect, paying great attention to detail making sure your home away from home is in pristine condition and ready for the new caravanning season!

If you would like our experts to take a look at any repairs, visit  to upload images of the damage for us to assess.

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