SME Housebuilders are realising the value of repair over replacement

15th December 2020
Brick repairs and tinting

As SME Housebuilders continue to work hard throughout Covid-19, we look at how many are now considering sustainable options to cut down their landfill waste.

At Plastic Surgeon, we have been working with many of the country’s leading housebuilders for many years, but it is the small and medium-size house-builders or SME housing market which is a new and growing area for us as the sector begins to realise the true value of repair over replacement approach.

Richard Moreton, National Account Manager for Plastic Surgeon’s housebuilding division comments:

“Over the past six months we have entered partnerships with a number of SME housebuilders all of whom are looking to increase their sustainability credentials in addition to saving costs and reducing time lags”.

New SME businesses are coming on board with Plastic Surgeon

New accounts include Shingler Homes, based in Shropshire.  The housebuilder has been building homes for over 25 years but has never before considered a repair over replacement strategy when considering options for damage in their new homes.

Springborn Homes; a luxury housebuilder based in Warwickshire, is also a new client for Plastic Surgeon. Springborn has previously been implementing in-house restoration techniques but has recently started working with us to improve efficiency and output whilst releasing their own manpower to focus on other areas.

Martin Grant Homes, based in the South East, are also increasing their sustainability credentials by employing our services to increase the opportunities for landfill savings in their business.

Richard continues:

“SMEs play an incredibly important role in a healthy housing market. As well as the regional economic benefits from employment and supply chains, they are pivotal in bringing new talent into the industry.

“SME’s also develop smaller, often more challenging, development sites on disused land in urban centres, maximising the use of land across the UK”.

Richard explains:

“The SME market is incredibly exciting for us. We  work alongside these one-tier businesses to really add value to their productivity as they are in control of their own supply chain and able to react much quicker than many larger corporations.

“We aim to work in partnership with site managers, implementing sustainable strategies, taking the lead from the work of larger PLC’s who monitor their CSR impacts.

“This will assist the SME market to not only reduce their impact on the environment but to reduce costs and improve productivity”.

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