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17th February 2021
Brick repairs and tinting

Across the business, we’ve invested heavily in our service to offer our business clients a bespoke reporting and customer care system – Visibility. The platform has been designed to improve efficiency and enable clients to take control of their own account to work remotely during the pandemic. It uniquely allows us to manage each job from requisition to completion, without the need for client intervention.

Richard Moreton, is Sales Director (Housebuild) for Plastic Surgeon Fine Finishers, the largest hard surface repair specialist in the UK. Richard oversees one of the largest divisions of the Company, working with developers on final finish snagging and fixing on-site damage, enabling the build team to get on with their jobs whilst Plastic Surgeon Fine Finishers take control of the damages.

Richard explains the benefits of the in-house bespoke management platform;

“We’ve created Visibility; our order tracking and management reporting system which allows our clients total transparency and control over their account. Using the system as a customer care tool allows our clients to pass individual homeowner jobs to our in-house customer service team who project manage ea

ch job. I am a real advocate of the platform and see it as a key service to clients who are finding it an invaluable asset at the moment”

Clients can access all logged work, updated in real-timeVisibility reporting platform

  • Full details of every order
  • Damage types and materials
  • Number of items repaired
  • Location of repairs
  • Photo gallery of all repairs


Richard is responsible for ensuring that developers make the most out of the Visibility system:

“From my experience working within the house build industry, I know just how important it is to be able to keep on top of costings, efficiency and supply issues, so I am confident in promoting Visibility as a key element in managing the reporting of site jobs.”


The system is unique in that it offers a complete Customer Care Management portal. The Plastic Surgeon Customer Care staff take control of all logged work and become the primary contact for each job. Real-time reporting allows clients to monitor work from point of order to completion.


Visibility is a totally paperless system to allow for remote access for homeworking and the pre-visit process now incorporates Covid-19 safety checks. In the current climate with building materials, sub-contractors, and construction skills in short supply, it is more important than ever to limit damage and conserve resources. Visibility allows users to quickly track damage to identify recurring patterns of concern.


The system records every repair, enabling clients to monitor figures across their business. The results highlight areas of concern, enabling rapid changes to be made to solve recurring issues. Having the ability to repair over replace, enables huge landfill savings to be made and Visibility instantly creates detailed reports to constantly monitor environment performances.

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