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‘Immaculate Construction’ in housebuilding

‘Immaculate Construction’ in housebuilding

One of the goals of MMC and the whole ‘Rethinking Construction’ agenda is to achieve ‘Zero Defects’, so it would not be unreasonable to assume it might render our services virtually redundant. The fact, however, is that we humans remain fallible and accidental damage continues to occur even in the relatively controlled conditions of a factory; while once installed on a site, off-site manufactured units become vulnerable to all the incidents that mar conventional construction.

It has been the case then, ever since Plastic Surgeon was established, that a growing proportion of our work has involved our Finishers in repairing the interior surfaces of pods and modules that haven’t quite achieved the ideals of ‘Immaculate Construction’. Tilers have still managed to scratch worksurfaces and plumbers have taken chips out of baths or shower trays: so the repairs our teams end up carrying out are mainly the same as those we do for ‘traditional’ builds.

The move towards MMC is often likened to the motor or aeronautical industries, though the truth is that the construction industry’s version still lags some way behind the standards routinely achieved by carmakers. So until such time as all buildings are produced and installed by robots we believe Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers will remain in great demand.

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