Accidental insurance claims on the rise during lockdown

15th February 2021
Brick repairs and tinting

Now that we are in our third lockdown, we have become accustomed to the lockdown lifestyle of staying indoors and transforming our homes into gyms, playgrounds, and even schools.

As we are in the winter months, staying at home has taken on a whole new meaning compared to the first lockdown that was filled with glorious sunshine. This can mean homes are taking more of a beating than usual.

More than one in ten parents say that their kids have damaged their home since lockdown began almost a year ago. However, it is not just kids that have caused damage. Around 250,000 people who share houses (half of the number of people who share houses in the UK), have said they are significantly out of pocket due to damage caused by their housemates. This could be from candles left to burn for too long or from spirited games that promised to cure the lockdown boredom.

Another popular lockdown pastime is DIY. According to a new study from Aviva, 85% of adults have taken on home improvements during lockdown. This, coupled with an increase in people not wanting to let tradespeople into their homes to carry out work (even if it is urgent), has contributed to the rise of Do-It-Yourself projects – not all of which will have been successful and may have made the original damage much worse!


Lauren Robson, Plastic Surgeon, Insurance Services Account Manager explains:

“We repair cosmetic damage to surfaces that might otherwise be destined to landfill. Many policies only cover replacement to an individual damaged unit and donot cover the cost of replacing a whole new kitchen or bathroom suite. Our skilled team are generally able to repair hard surface damage as an alternative to replacement, so costs are kept to a minimum and there is less intrusion to the property, a major plus  factor during Covid”.


So, as claim handlers, if you are seeing a rise in accidental damage claims with exuberant homeowners who have tried one too many Joe Wick’s workouts or whose kids have burnt the kitchen worktop during a Zoom cookery lesson, consider refurbishment over replacement so the policyholder can get on with their lockdown life and you can settle claims quickly and effectively with one quick call to us.

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