Generation Z concerned that sustainability has been forgotten

16th September 2020

New research, commissioned by Zurich, found two thirds of Gen-Z (those born after 2000) fear that climate issues have been forgotten under the race to rebuild the economy post-coronavirus, and following the postponement of the COP26 climate talks, which were due to be held in Glasgow this November.

The survey of 2,000 young people aged 18-24 found that two thirds of those asked worry the government is only focused on the economy, while three quarters would support some aspects of the extension of lockdown conditions to reduce impact on the environment for the long term. A similar percentage said they believe tackling climate change should be a top property for world leaders.

Head of Sustainability at Zurich, Laura McAlpine, said:

“Climate change presents a very real threat for future generations and our planet, and the postponement of COP26 doesn’t mean it’s any less pressing.“

In the insurance sector, instilling a sustainable approach is becoming even more critical.  The size of losses continues to become larger, with perils such as escape of water becoming frequent due to the effects of climate change.   In fact, just this week, Insurance Post reported that storm clams have spiked across the country, with weather warnings continuing across the UK.

We have noted that, although the industry is getting better, there is still much to be done.   In a survey we carried out with many of the UK’s leading insurers last year, 79% of respondents stated that they are not handling claims in the most sustainable way adopting a replacement first approach to – in particular – to the likes of EOW claims.  This is resulting in millions of tonnes of needless landfill every year.

Insurance Services Account Manager at Plastic Surgeon Lauren Robson explains:

“Some Insurers are, still adopting old-fashioned, processes when it comes to their approach to handling claims.

“However, over the past 12 months, we have noticed a change in approach.  Many of the leading insurers are using our services to ensure that repair is a first option over replacement, and we are receiving more enquires about our service and the repairs that we can carry out.

“Of course, Covid has meant that insurers have many other things on their mind, but we continue to work with them instilling the values of repair over replacement approach and educating where we can.

“It’s fantastic to see that the new generation of customers are so passionate about sustainability, this can only assist our message in the coming years”.

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