Home owners batten down as Storm Christoph sweeps the nation

20th January 2021

January traditionally marks the start of one of the worst periods of the year for inclement weather in the UK and 2021 is no different with the impact of Storm Christoph expected to cause extensive flooding over the coming days. It is the time of year when homeowners with property situated on flood plains or near riverbanks start to pay close attention to forecasts, allowing them precious time to prepare for imminent storm damage.

What constitutes a storm?

A storm generally involves violent winds, usually accompanied by rain, hail or snow. Any extreme form of bad weather has the potential to cause damage to a property A storm is a period of violent weather defined as:

  • Wind speeds with gusts of at least 48 knots (55mph)* or;
  • Torrential rainfall at a rate of at least 25mm per hour or;
  • Snow to a depth of at least one foot (30 cm) in 24 hours or;
  • Hail of such intensity that it causes damage to hard surfaces or breaks glass


Water damage

Most claims due to weather damage in the UK are made because of the effects of water damage. Flooding has been a huge problem for certain parts of the country in recent times, with torrential and persistent rainfall creating havoc for many homeowners living in flood plains or close to riverbanks.

The most recent storms to impact on insurance claims prior to Storm Christoph were Storm Aiden in October which brought disruption across western Scotland and Storm Alex when many weather stations recorded their wettest October day on record. The two largest storms in 2020 were Storms Ciara and Dennis where a staggering 82,000 claims were received for flood and wind damage. Insurers made over £7 million of emergency payments, with a final pay out estimated at around £360 million.  Of the claims over 64,000 of them were for damaged homes and possessions. ( Figure taken from ABI Report)


Average flood damage claim  is £32,000

Flood damage claims are far most costly than other storm damage, with the average cost of repairing a flood-damaged home being around £32,000 compared to just £1,200 for wind storm damage average claims.

Lauren Robson, Plastic Surgeon, Insurance Services Account Manager explains:

“As soon as the flood waters recede, the insurers and loss adjusters can step in to help rebuild homes and consequently restart families lives. Once the property is fully dried out, our finishers can be deployed to work with claims handlers to refurbish much of the flood damage, ensuring work is completed rapidly and with minimal fuss, keeping costs down.
Depending on the extent of the damage, we can restore the majority of hard surface damage, ensuring that the homeowner can get back to normality within a short space of time.”

Reducing landfill wastage

Water damage cupboard repair

Water damage cupboard repair

Plastic Surgeon uses the skills of their nationwide team of finishers to colour match any hard surface area so that many items can be reclaimed rather than replaced. It’s an ideal solution when only one part of a matching kitchen or bathroom set is damaged, and the best option is to keep the original set and just refurbish the damage. Our skills mean that wastage is kept to a minimum and costs are drastically reduced, ensuring that both parties are kept happy and the claim is resolved with the minimum of disruption.

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