Warm weather and barbecues

26th May 2017
Fire damage barbecue repairs

As we move into the summer months, we also move into barbecue season. And while most of us delight in the food – some of us end up suffering from the side effects of a barbecue gone wrong.

One such incident involved a person living in a flat attempting to enjoy a barbecue on their balcony. But, somewhat predictably in this case, the flames set fire to the timber decking of the balcony above, causing extensive smoke damage to the walls, with plastic from a melted air vent further disfiguring the brickwork.

Luckily the fire didn’t spread inside the building, but the best efforts of a general builder could only make good the gaps in the floor and wall, with the owner’s insurance company deciding to call in Plastic Surgeon to complete the clean-up and use our specialist skills to re-colour the blackened brickwork.

With the order having arrived via our central booking centre, our South East Regional Operations Manager, Rob Townsend visited the property in London to survey the situation.

When he attended the property, a building company had already replaced the decking and plastic vent which had been destroyed in the fire.

There was still a lot of ash and other residue from the smoke sticking to the brickwork, as well as drops of melted plastic. The new air vent had also been installed with a miss-matched mortar.

To rectify the damage, the plastic and ash was carefully removed using wire brushes and a scraper to ensure no further harm to the brickwork. During this cleaning process, it became apparent that the bricks were seriously discoloured.

Having redone the pointing around the air vent, colour matching the area, the brickwork was then re-tinted to create uniformity.

To do this, the appearance of the bricks in the undamaged areas was examined, with several colours then mixed to reflect the various tones present, resulting in a dappled, ‘multi’ appearance.

Upon completion of the job, the owner of the property expressed her pleasure, remarking that she couldn’t tell where the area affected by the fire finished.

Insurance work is a rapidly expanding area for Plastic Surgeon as the UK’s major insurance companies come to understand the financial and logistical benefits of a service that’s able to rapidly repair building components and substrates that would otherwise have to be replaced.

At the same time as providing clients with a comprehensive cosmetic repair service addressing virtually every type of product and substrate, Plastic Surgeon is also addressing important aspects of the sustainability agenda.

For while the company’s ethos of ‘repairing rather than replacing’ saves on costs, this approach also significantly reduces waste going to landfill and therefore helps cut a customer’s carbon footprint. Uniquely, Plastic Surgeon has developed its VisibilITy software which translates each finisher’s job report, sent from their hand-held computer, into the equivalent weight and other statistics on a data base that participating customers can utilise for their own sustainability reporting.

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