Reducing the impact of a claim on policyholders this Christmas

17th December 2018
Family at Christmas

Making an insurance claim at any time can be stressful for a policy holder. At Christmas the impact can be even greater. Today we look at ways a restoration approach can help deliver a better all-round solution during the holiday period.

Getting back to normal in half the time

The repair and restoration solutions that Plastic Surgeon provide around the home enable the customer to get back to normal far sooner than if the damaged item is being replaced. This approach reduces cycle times by in excess of 50% and keeps disruption to a minimum, meaning we can offer a quick and easy solution at what can be a very hectic time of the year.

Quick, in-situ repairs mean customers can stay in their home

In severe cases policy holders may need to move out of their home whilst areas of the property are replaced. This is not something that customers want to have to do during the Christmas period.  With a restoration approach, the works can be carried out in-situ and usually the same day, minimising the impact on the policy holder, and enabling them to still enjoy the festivities in their own home.

Extended hours give greater flexibility

Plastic Surgeon’s finishers work extended hours to fit into the lives of policy holders. This includes two-hour time slots, evening and weekend and even overnight work to suit the customer. Christmas is a very busy season, and our flexible approach enables us to work around our customer’s hectic schedules.

Technology keeps the process quick and efficient

Our ‘Self Survey’ technology, enables customers to upload the damage caused themselves,  in real-time, providing images, sizes and other details directly to the claims management portal, saving a huge amount of processing time.

Insurers have a real opportunity to keep the impact of a claim to a minimum and in turn improve customer service. By taking a restoration-first approach damage can be repaired in-situ in a far shorter time compared to replacement, leaving the policyholder more time to spend with the family over Christmas and less time spent worrying about a claim.

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