Storm season and insurance repairs

29th September 2017
Storm repairs for insurance clients

Storm season is well and truly here in the UK and that’s set to continue throughout the winter months. With more storms expected to hit Britain over the course of the next few days we take a look at the impact that could have on the insurance industry.

What can insurers expect if storms live up to their current billing? Well, first and foremost they can expect a meteoric rise in calls. According to statistics, some insurers experience has high a spike in calls as a 70% increase in the days following a storm and others report a 300% rise in claims.

Storm damage is traditionally referred to as ‘high volume, low value’ – so plenty of claims coming in, but, most of the time, the cost of repairing the damage isn’t very high. This is because much of the reported damage centres on comparatively inexpensive items such as damaged guttering, soffits, facias, roof tiles and impact damage from falling trees and various flying objects.

Plastic Surgeon specialises in these type of repairs, where cosmetic surface damage caused by storms has resulted in the need for repairs to external aspects such as those just mentioned.

Traditionally, insurers are inclined to pass the claim onto loss adjusters, building contractors and surveyors. However, Plastic Surgeon offers a quicker and cheaper alternative.

We’re able to send out our specialist repair technicians in quick time, repairing damage in a timely manner, but also at a reduced cost than that of calling out building contractors and surveyors who will be hard pressed to meet demand in the days following a storm.

Our technicians, or Finishers as we refer to them, operate in every region of the UK – the only repair firm able to do so. With over 200 Finishers available, we can commit a lot of resource to storm hit areas in a short space of time, thus enabling a swift response to any incidents of damage.

ABI statistics suggest that 20% of domestic property claims are caused through weather related damage, so for insurers, Plastic Surgeon’s service provides invaluable assistance that keeps customers happy and ensures the inclement weather doesn’t leave a long-lasting impact.

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