Rise in subsidence claims following last year’s hot summer

6th September 2019

Last year an unbelievable, 10,000 homes made subsidence claims during the months of July, August and September, after the intensity of the summer’s drought. This was a reported cost to the industry of £64 million, and a huge 350% up on the previous quarter.

We’ve not experienced the same issues in 2019 – thanks to a somewhat rainier summer – however, many of those affected from last year’s dry conditions will now be noticing some of the impact to their properties.

Chris Edwards head of insurance at Plastic Surgeon explains: “The largest cause of subsidence in the UK by far is that caused by soil shrinkage, which can lead to cracks in brick, stone and lintels.

“Many cracks may only just be appearing now, 12 months on.  This kind of damage can be incredibly expensive to replace, and particularly – in period style properties – difficult to find a perfect match.”

There is good news though, Plastic Surgeon estimate that only 16% of the damage they see is unrepairable.  We work closely with insurers and loss adjusters, providing a triage service, which ensures that we can advise on what items and areas are able to be restored at the beginning of a claim, avoiding unnecessary strip out.

In a report for a top 10 UK insurer, Plastic Surgeon estimated that they had saved them an average per claim of £950 and significantly reduced the claim lifecycle.

Continued Chris: “A restoration approach enables policyholders to return to pre-loss condition significantly sooner than replacement. The average task takes just a couple of hours to complete; thus, reducing the mess, disruption, time and waste inherent in replacement.”

So how do we do it?

Our finishers repair damaged areas using a variety of methods depending on the damage caused, before accurately matching the colour and texture of the repair to the rest of the areas.

Crumbling cracked or broken stone features can all be restored and flawlessly blended in with the original to create a lasting repair. Fixing a damaged section of bricks is the easy part, but our specialist finishers can then perfectly blend in the new area with the old, accurately colour matching the finish of the bricks.

Whether the stone or brick is damaged, or simply green with age, we can make it look good as new again. Our antifungal system lasts better too. Cracked or broken architectural features can look impossible to repair but our expert finishers are able to resolve even the trickiest of challenges.

Our repair process then involves sealing in the stone or brick, making it completely weatherproof, and longer lasting than before.

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