Summer leads to a 131% increase in theft related claims

2nd July 2019
Breaking into a house

According to the ABI in 2018, insurers paid out nearly £450 million in claims due to theft. In the summer months last year, burglary claims hiked up each month more than doubling between March 2018 and July 2018 (up 131.03%) – a recent report by Halifax Home Insurance revealed.

One of the key reasons behind this is due to the holiday season. Absent homeowners make property a prime target for thieves. Aside from the obvious loss of belongings and psychological distress, a major side effect of a burglary is damage caused by a breaking and entering.

And these costs are not just to replace stolen items, but to rectify any damage caused to the home. Chris Edwards, head of our insurance services team explains how we can assist:

“Doors and windows are the most common repair jobs that we come across, thanks to their obvious choice as a means of entry. But many other items, especially floors, are common peripheral areas damaged during a burglary”.

“The claims management process can sometimes be overcomplicated, particularly for low value damage caused by these types of claims. We can be on site in a matter of days, there are no lead times or disruptive strip out.”

Technology is key to our approach

We have invested heavily in technology to enhance the process for claims as a result of burglary.  The process includes self-survey technology, where customers can quickly assess their damage in real time, providing images, sizes and other details uploaded straight to their own portal, saving a huge amount of processing time.

Our restoration approach – which just last month won an award at the British Claims Awards 2019 – is saving Insures an average £850 per claim and is driving down the claim lifecycle by up to 80%.

Added Chris: Insurers are benefitting from a reduction in the claims lifecycle and costs associated in dealing with the claim. Customer satisfaction is key to the service we offer and a burglary can have a huge emotional effect on a customer. Our simple, quick and non-invasive processes lessen the impact on the customer at what is already a difficult time”

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