Technology key to reducing lifecycle times for accidental damage claims by 80%

7th December 2018
Technology key to reducing lifecycle times for accidental damage claims by 80%

Accidental damage is one of the top three insurance claims and in 2017 accounted for almost 20% of all claims.

Using custom-built technology and automated processes we’re supporting insurers in reducing claim costs and driving down the claim lifecycle time for accidental damage. In many cases this results in an 80% reduction in time spent processing a claim.

In 2018 alone, we helped insurers save 16 tonnes worth of baths, basins and worktops from going to landfill as a result of accidental damage. A closely aligned approach and integration with our specialist tech solutions enables us to quickly improve processing times – particularly important for high volume, low value accidental claims.

Accidental damage repairs

Head of insurance Chris Edwards explains: “The most common cause of accidental damage is from items being dropped onto surfaces, or by burns and careless behaviour. The top five accidental damage repairs are: worktops, baths, basins, doors and shower trays.

 “These types of claims are considered small and can often be over looked as insignificant by insurers as they are low value However, what is often neglected, is the work that is involved if these items are replaced rather than repaired. 

“Replacing a new worktop for instance, is huge, removing sinks and hobs, requiring the services of plumbers, electricians and gas engineers, as well as carpenters or stone cutting. 

“The impact that this puts on the policy holder cannot be underestimated.  Having to be available to welcome the variety of trades people and the impact on the claim lifecycle for all of this to take place.

“Compare this to our approach where the damage is repaired in-situ within a matter of hours at a fraction of the cost and with a very low impact.

Automation tools for accidental claims

At Plastic Surgeon we’ve invested heavily in the development of automated systems to enhance the process for low value accidental claims.

Chris continues: “The claims management process can sometimes be overcomplicated. By automating the process through the use of technology such as our self-survey tool it reduces the amount of human interaction required and speeds everything up. Of course, a level of human interaction is always required but for lower value claims this is not as much of a necessity”.

Comprehensive systems to handle high volume, low value claims

Many of the country’s leading insures are seeing claim lifecycles reduce by up to 80% as a result of using our bespoke technology. Our tools include:

  • Triage– a quick assessment tool made available to claim’s handlers, enabling them to quickly assess whether damage can be repaired and assess how that compares to a replacement option, if the item is irreparable Plastic Surgeon will work with the insurer to coordinate replacement.
  • Self Survey – customers can quickly assess their damage in real-time, providing images, sizes and other details uploaded straight to their own portal, saving a huge amount of processing time.
  • Visibility – our specialist claims handling system, Visibility – provides full reporting and MI which is made available in real-time. Insurers can quickly access journals on all jobs, observe before and after images and track spend on individual claim types. This again saves unnecessary time on the phone or chasing for updates.

Insurers are also realising the many other advantages of a repair-first approach, from improvements in customer satisfaction to the lessened impact on the environment. In a recent report for a top 10 UK insurer, Plastic Surgeon estimated that they had saved them an average per claim of £850 and had enabled 3,474 tonnes of landfill to be saved over the course of 2017.

Continued Chris: “We work with our insurance clients in improving processes and constantly refine our systems to push the boundaries of what’s possible.  Our Visibility software, designed in house, is a leader in its field and has many beneficial functions for insurers. We have many more ideas to launch in 2019, and Visibility will play a big part in this.

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