Too much Christmas cheer causes claims to rise over the festive period

16th December 2020

The festive break should be a time of peace and harmony at home and this year, more than ever, we are all hoping for a relaxing Christmas break, away from the thoughts of Covid-19 and Brexit.

Exuberant house guests

When reality steps in and grandad gets hold of the sherry bottle or Great Aunt Maud lights a scented candle and falls asleep in the chair, there are numerous pitfalls that can disrupt our idyllic Christmas dream.

The average person in the UK buys 7 candles per year

Everyone loves a scented candle, (we Brits spend almost £2 billion on them each year) and we all want to create a cosy Christmas vibe. Naked flames are a big potential fire hazard, and we see the aftermath of numerous fire damage claims started by candles. One in five of all house fires caused by candles occurs during December and leaving an unattended candle close to the Christmas tree is claimed to start over 7,000 house fires during the festive period.

Before and after example of smoke damaged kitchen units.

Beware of enthusiastic helpers taking over your kitchen this Christmas

Food plays a key part in our family celebrations, but leaving an amateur cook with a glass of sherry in charge of the Christmas cooking can be a recipe for disaster. We are called out to many households after the festive break with scorched worktops, smoke damage, or countertops to repair after a kitchen mishap. Over 15,000 fires are caused by cooking accidents each December, with the average home insurance claim for a fire being around £20,000, (Source ABI)

How can Plastic Surgeon help?

Lauren Robson, Insurance Services Account Manager at Plastic Surgeon says:

“Over 80% of minor fire damage is repairable and our team of professional fine finishers are experts in repairing a multitude of damage from minor soot staining to more serious worktop and casing burns. We bring fire damaged UPVC back to life and it is remarkable how our team use their experience to manipulate the profile back into shape.

During Covid-19 we are all wary of tradesmen in the home. Instrusting Plastic Surgeon to a claim means that finishers can often make just one quick visit to a claimant’s home, completing the whole restoration job within a few hours. This means that disruption and inconvenience are kept to a minimum.”

We provide a one-stop solution to claims management

Plastic Surgeon work alongside loss adjusters, surveyors, and claims teams to assess damaged items and put an appropriate programme of works together. In addition, we provide a one-stop solution, managing the entire claims process.

To find out more about the services that Plastic Surgeon offer, visit or connect with us on

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