Visibility – our bespoke reporting and tracking system –helping to make your life easier

19th November 2019

Visibility is our bespoke reporting and tracking system designed to make your life easier

We use our own bespoke reporting and order tracking system, Visibility, to make our customers’ lives easier: offering them a unique online service to stay up to date with jobs and maintain complete oversight of our service.

With real-time updates on progress, booking information and assigned finisher details available through the portal, Visibility allows users to track our work schedule from start to finish.

However, with so much information readily available in one central place, some users may not be aware of all the ways in which they can make use of some of the most comprehensive features Visibility offers.

Here are three helpful features that will enable you to get the best out of Visibility:

Discover the most common locations for damage

 Visibility allows users to quickly track whether damage is regularly occurring in the same areas and see if any patterns develop.

Smart, easy to understand graphics and reports help pin point recurring repair work, enabling the user to identify if a site is overspending. Clients can then paint a clear picture of what’s going wrong, ideal to help users plan and budget for repair and finishing requirements on future projects based on past experience.

Measure landfill savings you’re generating as a result of repair over replacement

At Plastic Surgeon, we record every repair we complete, allowing us to measure how many items we are saving from going into landfill waste.

Last year, we helped save 3,783 tonnes (equivalent to 299 double-decker buses) of waste from heading to landfill by repairing damaged furniture and fixings rather than replacing them. Visibility allow users to see how they’ve benefited – great for keeping track of your sustainability figures.

 Follow any order from start to finish and track our service delivery

 In addition to full statistical reporting of jobs, the online portal also captures every individual order and any supporting paperwork, along with invoices, work completion records and statements, saving countless hours of paper chasing.

The software also allows you to view service delivery levels, enabling you to track processing times, average cost per repair and the average time it takes for our team to get on site.

Ultimately, Visibility is designed to make your life that little bit easier by having all of your essential information in one, readily available place.

 Why not try it for yourself?

If you don’t currently have access to Visibility, get in touch with our friendly customer service team for a demonstration of the services and your personal login details.

Alternatively, if you already have access, login here to see how much Visibility can help you.

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