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Is BIM the answer to intelligent building maintenance?

Is BIM the answer to intelligent building maintenance?

Is BIM the answer to intelligent building maintenance?

There can be few building professionals not now aware of BIM – if only still as a buzz-word they still don’t really understand – with it now imminently being a requirement for all public sector projects, and landmark projects such as London’s Walkie Talkie building being hailed as one of the technology’s early success stories.

In addition, most manufacturers in the sector are now routinely making their product ranges available as “BIM objects”; while larger contractors are better able to work with their supply chains to ensure that M&E services and other key components cannot clash during the erection phase: thanks to  the three-dimensional certainty of  Building Information Modelling.

Here at Plastic Surgeon, however, we are anticipating another positive outcome from the adoption of BIM across the construction industry.

The reputation our Finishers have amongst contractors and developers is rightly based on their ability to repair and restore the widest possible selection of substrates, ranging from marble and granite to old ornate woodwork and architectural metalwork.

In newer properties, however, we are frequently asked to make good damage that has occurred to contemporary metal cladding systems, laminated panels and various types of reconstituted or artificial stone. And this can pose problems in terms of material compatibility or matching the appearance of a surface which can appear very complex, but be only microns thick.

This is one of the main reasons why we have always invested heavily in researching new repair techniques and regularly update the range of materials which the Finishers carry as part of their standard van stocks.

Thanks to the steady uptake of BIM, though, and its potential to provide estates or facilities managers with a wholly accurate ‘user’s guide’ for properties, we believe that in the future our sales staff and operations managers will be able to offer even more comprehensive repair and restoration advice, based on knowledge of exactly what type of substrate they are dealing with.

All of our Finishers are taught to mix colours by eye, using our specially formulated System 200 or perhaps in the case of masonry, by blending different fine aggregates. But being able to contact the original paint manufacturer for fresh supplies is the preferred option, especially when there is a repetition of panels to be resprayed.

Ever since Egan, the building industry has been striving to move forwards and embrace modern methods of construction. Accordingly, here at Plastic Surgeon we are determined to move with it: offering our customers greater efficiency and cost savings as well as reduced waste and enhanced sustainability credentials.

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