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Plastic Surgeon breaks repair record

Plastic Surgeon breaks repair record

Last month, the double-dip recession was officially declared over by the Office for National Statistics, which announced the economy grew by 1% in the three months to September.

This good news ties in nicely with the fact that October was officially the best month on record for us at Plastic Surgeon since before the recession hit; our repair work meaning we were able to tot up the highest number of Finisher hours since 2008.

Which goes against the news that Britain’s ‘suffering’ construction sector remained in the doldrums, shrinking, apparently, by 2.5% in the same quarter. I couldn’t, though, find out where this figure came from; also, everyone I speak to at the moment involved in the industry, from manufacturers to contractors, is beginning to feel more confident about the future. Indeed, even construction firms’ share prices are not doing too badly.

So, just how can the industry be ‘shrinking,’ when our sales people at Plastic Surgeon have also been flat out, enjoying their busiest month – also in October – since the recession began?

Okay, recovery is likely to be tentative, as we are still experiencing tough domestic and global (especially eurozone) conditions, but our must be proof that the construction industry is beginning to bounce back. Just look around, there are plenty of building sites, once stalled, that are active again. Glazing manufacturer, Pilkington, has this year invested millions in new machinery; Tremco has launched a new roofing system and Crown Paint has created 70 extra jobs in Hull. We are still recruiting at Plastic Surgeon, looking for Finishers as well as sales staff as our repair business continues to grow.

Grainia Long, Chief Executive at the Chartered Institution of Housing, said: “Whatever the future holds for housing and planning, we are in a much better place in autumn 2012 than we have been for some time. Confidence in the housing industry is growing, and confidence is key.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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