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Plastic Surgeon enjoys retail therapy

Plastic Surgeon enjoys retail therapy

Every minute of every day that retail outlets are open, and therefore trading, is valuable and helping other businesses market their products.

So for shops, supermarkets and department stores, having to deal with accidental damage or vandalism, or the inevitable snagging that will need to be faced after a fit out, is going to ‘eat into the bottom line’, in so far as management has to weigh up inconvenience to customers, and even potential health & safety hazards, against lost sales.

Replacing damaged countertops, display shelving, scratched glass or window and door frames is time-consuming and expensive, and only serves to reduce profit margins even further for the beleaguered industry. So in reality, to repair these damaged items is the least disruptive option, and where the skills of Plastic Surgeon’s highly trained finishers come in.

The nationwide business specialises in repairing all types of damage, varying from graffiti removal to polishing out scratches and other marks in the glass which is so widely used in the retail environment; from shop frontages to display cabinets, partitioning and shelving.

Plastic Surgeon actually has a long working relationship with two well known German food chains: recently having repaired damage done to freezer casings and chillers moved between outlets. The freezers suffered from minor scrapes as well as dents up to six feet long – these were filled, smoothed and re-sprayed to match.

For another retailer, 70 steel exterior wall cladding panels measuring 1200 high by 6500 mm wide suffered from unsightly dents and scratches at different levels in the polyester powder coat finish, caused both during transit and installation. Plastic Surgeon applied a two pack filler, rubbed the surface down and sprayed the entire panels to match with the company’s corporate colours.

Meanwhile, for one Tesco, which is setting up many smaller units across our towns and cities, Plastic Surgeon undertook repairs to the worn masonry of the Victorian façade in a prominent high street location, which had suffered from years of pollution.

Plastic Surgeon’s finishers spent three days carrying out the work to the brickwork and generally preparing the elevations for application of the company’s own Screed Coat system, which was colour-matched to the surrounding sills and other features in white.

Other work Plastic Surgeon has been called out for includes the repair of plaster mouldings, stained or scratched paintwork – even murals, broken sanitaryware and flooring damaged by everything from high heels to pallet trucks.

In practically every case, our clients have discovered that Plastic Surgeon can offer a repair solution that is always far more cost-effective and less time consuming than replacement; meaning that the retail sector can open on time and get in a full day’s trading. That’s retail therapy for the sector itself.

Plastic Surgeon is the UK’s market leading expert in fine finishing and repair services, and the only nationwide provider. Established for over 20 years, the company was one of the founders of the fine finishing sector, now employing over 100 staff based at its headquarters in Devon and operating from seven regional centres throughout the UK.

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